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This expedition takes you to the highlights of Angola, from the desert to fertile highland and the ever green rain forest of Africa. You will be met by friendly African faces, who still struggle to drag themselves out of a 30 years civil war, beautiful landscapes and turquoise blue sea.
It is going to be a 18 day expedition, but due to road conditions the tour plan below will serve only as a reference as progress can be slower or faster at times.
The 30 years of war has broken down all the infrastructures in the country, but because of the land’s rich natural resources, development is going at a fast rate, with many international companies rebuilding Angola!

Angola Highlands and Beaches via Lobango & Lobito

Background: The Kaokoland is one of the last remaining wilderness areas … a barren inaccessible region with lots of mystique, scenic beauty and the nomadic Himba culture. The latter still live according to ancient traditions. The Kaokoland is also the home of the famous desert elephant, lion and giraffe that have adapted through time to survive in these conditions. The northern section of this region borders the Kunene River, the natural boundary between Namibia and Angola. Awesome scenes of beautiful waterfalls, palm trees, rugged mountains and dune landscapes are to be found along this river belt. The highlights of the interior include the vast expand of the Marienfluss with the mysterious “fairy circles” and the open plains of the “Hartmansvlakte” where herds of Springbok roam.You will not leave the Kaokoland untouched…. it leaves everlasting impressions. We are not just driving through this wilderness area, but promise to take you places fewhave visited before you. This will be a tour of a lifetime.

Damaraland and Kaokoland WildernessDesert Elephant and Himba excursionThis guided self-drive tour takes you to the last true wilderness areas of Namibia, where wildlife roams and tribes lives as they have done for the past 1000 years. Clients can incorporate this into their Itinerary as it is only a 4 day trip.Clients can incorporate this 4 day excursion into their own itinerary.


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