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This expedition takes you to the highlights of Angola, from the desert to fertile highland and the ever green rain forest of Africa. You will be met by friendly African faces, who still struggle to drag themselves out of a 30 years civil war, beautiful landscapes and turquoise blue sea.
It is going to be a 18 day expedition, but due to road conditions the tour plan below will serve only as a reference as progress can be slower or faster at times.
The 30 years of war has broken down all the infrastructures in the country, but because of the land’s rich natural resources, development is going at a fast rate, with many international companies rebuilding Angola!

We will meet in Windhoek , and I will brief you on the tour, here we will get supplies for the our expedition.

B&B wil be for the clients’ own account.

Day 1-4:
We will depart for Rundu, a long drive ,so we will have an early morning start. Tonight we will be camping on the river bank of the Okavango river at a campsite near Rundu.We will treat our self to a restaurante dinner.
The next 2 days we will be following the Kavango river north west to its source in the hart of Angola. This is still kalahari, though hard to imagine,because the sanddunes are covered with green Teak and Kiaat trees due to the high rainfall in the area.Our first town will be Menongue, a strategic military town during the war between UNITA rebels and the MPLA soldiers and the signs are stil well visible.
Day 1 Rundu (Lodging opsioneel)
Day 2 Border Crossing Kavango
Day 3 South of Menongue
Day 4 North of Menongue

Day 5 & 6:
We continue in a northerly direction to the central highlands of Angola and the city of Huambo, formerly known as Nova Lisboa. This area was formerly know as the bread basket of Africa, because here lies the fertile soil that can feed the whole of the country.Huambo was one of the strongholds of Savimbi, former leader of Unita.We will refuel here, buy basic necesities and visit the open Market, a bee hive of trading in the city.
The landscape changes to the north, as we will cross mountains, valleys and rivers rig zagging through them.
Day 5 Huambo Area
Day 6 Quibala Area

Day 7 -8:
Today we are driving north to the town of N’dalatando, and it is here were you will see the great jungles of Angola, we are now in the tropical rain forest. Not far from here are the mysterious mountains of Pungo Andungo, better known as Perdas Negras “Black Rocks”. These mountains form a natural fort which the N’donga tribe used to hide from the invading Portuguese colonialists. One can still see the “footprint” in the rocks as the Queen and King fled to the north. Here we will camp for 2 nights and do a day visit to Calandula waterfall, the biggest in Angola.
Day 7 Pedra Negra
Day 8 Pedra Negra

Day 9:
We will back track to the town of Quibala, to the south, and turn west were we will over night in the valley of Ebo with its granite domes.
Day 9 Ebo

Day10 & 11:
Before crossing the escarpment down to the coast line we will once again cross a section of rain forest. It was here where great coffee plantations out of the glorious time of the Portuguese colony rose, making Angola one of the biggest coffee producers in the world.
Finally we reach the sea, and the romantic cities of Lobito and Benguela.
Here are well preserved colonial buildings, and we will visit the old slave fort in Benguela, testifying of those dark days when folks were taken to Americas as slaves.
We will have a reataurante meal on the Rastinga of Lobito, right on the beach.This will be for everyone’s own account.
Day 10 Lobito Area (Lodging is optional and for own account)
Day 11 Benguela Area South

Day 12 & 13:
Driving South we follow the coastline searching for magic little beaches ,where we will relax and explore for the following 2 days.
Day 12 Beach
Day 13 Beach

Day 14 & 15:
The landscape gets drier as we head south toward the town of Namibe that lies on the northern
Borders of the Namib Desert. Before Namibe we turn east and drive up the Sierra Bandeiros & Chela with the magnificant Leba Pass, definitely one of the highlights on this expedition.
The city of Lubango is a beautiful city and is famous for its Christo Rei, the statue of Christ, a smaller replica of the one in Rio and Lisbon.
We will camp here for the next 2 days in a campsite and have restaurante meals, once again for everyone’s own account.
This area is known as the Huila province, name after the old Muhiula tribe, one of the last traditional generations remaining in the land.
Day14 & 15 Palanca Negra Lodge ( Lodging is optional and for own account)

Day 16-18:
We have come closer to the end of our journey and it is time to drive the long way back to the borderpost of Oshikango where we will enter Namibia. Driving through Ovambo land we are slowly leaving Africa behind us as we are entering a more modern world.We wil overnight in a campsite in the Tsumeb area where will have one in last meal in a restaurante.
Our expedition ends in Windhoek.
Day 16 Pad kampeer(Angola)
Day 17 Grens oorgang (end)
Day 18 Windhoek

N$10300-pp min 10 pax
N$12000-pp min 8 pax
N$14900-pp min 6 pax
N$20600-pp min 4 pax

The tour plan serve only as an indicator, but can changes due to unforseen circumstances, therfore this will be an expedition.
This will mainly be a Bush camping expedition with the possibility of 4 nights camping in Campsites. Restaurant meals are not include in to price.

Guide car(s) (transportation)
3 meals on all Bush camping days
Hot mobile Showers at night
Mobile chemical toilets at night
Not Included:
All drinks
Flights Local & International
Restaurante maels
Angola Visa costs
Angola Road tax
Excursions eg. Boat trips

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