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Driving Safety in Namibia

This article provides an overview about Driving Safety in Namibia. Indeed there have been a high number of road accidents involving European visitors, some of them fatal. Learn everything you need to know about driving in Namibia!


  • Driving at night (also at dawn and dusk) because there is a real danger of stray animals crossing the road.
  • Driving over 80km/h on the gravel roads because they are very slippery.

Safe Driving Hints:

  • Reduce speed and take extra care on our gravel roads.
  • Avoid driving at night.
  • Remember, Namibia is left hand drive.
  • Always be aware of Antelope and other wild animals on the road, especially early morning and evening.
  • Only overtake when you have a clear view.


  • Drive on the left side.
  • Keep your lights on at all times (so you can be seen because of the dust) .
  • Make sure that you are fully insured: vehicle, driver & passengers.
  • Make sure that your motor vehicle insurance also covers driving on gravel roads within Namibia and neighbouring countries.
  • Carry plenty of drinking water.
  • Keep your fuel tank topped up.
  • As distances are long, take as many breaks as you can. However, take care at roadside picnic stops, robberies have occurred.
  • Carry a first aid kit.
  • Punctures are common. If possible carry 2 spare tyres.

Have a safe drive!

gpsNamibian-safari.com / Okavango Car Hire contact numbers:

  • Office: 061 306553
  • After Hours: 081 124 1282

Other Emergency Numbers:

  • Police - Emergencies 10111
  • Med Rescue International: 061 23 0505
  • Int. SOS Namibia: (061) 230 505 / (061) 249 777


  • Ambulance (061) 21 1111
  • Fire Brigade (061) 21 1111
  • Medi-Clinic (061) 222 687
  • Roman Catholic Hospital (061) 270 2911
  • Rhino Park Hospital (061) 375 000


  • Ambulance (063) 202 446
  • Fire Brigade (Mr. Kloscha) 081 128 3667
  • Hospital (063) 202 446
  • Police (063) 202 225


  • Ambulance (064) 412 400
  • Fire Brigade (Mr. Kloscha) (064) 410 4111
  • Hospital (064) 412 400
  • Police (067) 402 431


  • Ambulance (067) 221 082
  • Fire Brigade (Mr. Kloscha) (067) 221 004
  • Hospital (067) 221 082
  • Police (067) 220 111


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Inge and Steven, Germany
Windhoek, Namibia
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